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About Us

O.M.E.C. has been operating company in the country in the production of precision machine elements since 1979. The company is involved in turning, milling and wire EDM technology using both traditional and the latest generation of CNC machines. With the help of CAD-CAM programming systems, OMEC is able to guarantee the maximum precision in the production of each piece. The characteristics that distinguish OMEC from the competitors are the quality of the processing performed on the products due to a thirty years professional experience, the extreme flexibility, speed of delivery and the possibility to perform machining of small series at low cost. The company provides also an internal quality control system that is able to guarantee checks on incoming materials, processing and finished products.

Optec is the the world's leading optical, optoelectronic and optomechanical Italian company established in Parabiago (Mi). Founded in 1985, Optec works in the field of process control and monitoring, analysis and scanning of paper documents, robotics, color analysis, on line and/or automated inspections, imaging (medical and scientific), X-ray equipment, analysis and aerial reconnaissance and photographic processes. Optec uses an experienced team of mechanical, optical and electronic engineers , and a CAOD (Computer Aided Optical Design) named Horus, which was developed in-house, capable of performing computing functions, optimization, simulation and analysis specifically dedicated to optical systems. With significant experience accumulated by its researchers over the years, Optec is able to meet any of the optical and optoelectronic industry requirements, combining research and productivity at maximum levels. Optec is a TUV certified ISO 9001 company.

Tecnottica Consonni is an optical manufacturing company being on the market since 1957 with headquarters in Calco (Lc) and has decades of experience in the manufacture of optical components, both in glass and plastic materials. Tecnottica Consonni has the greatest technologies of the field, starting from traditional to CNC machines, where often the expert hand of the operators plays a key role in obtaining significant results. In addition to the know-how accumulated over the years there is the new and well equipped department of metrology, integrated directly into the production area, through which Tecnottica Consonni is able to control the quality of all his optical components; thanks to the experience accumulated over these decades and to the constant investments in technical and human resources, Tecnottica Consonni is now able to respond positively to the requests from many different markets. For ensure a guarantee on the quality of their products, Tecnottica Consonni is a certified UNI EN ISO 9001/2008 company.

Optica Group was established in January 2011 by an agreement of cooperation signed between Optec Spa and Tecnottica Consonni Srl, two of the most important Italian companies operating in the world of optical and optoelectronic systems, with the intention of creating a big reference point for all entities and companies who wish to design and build advanced optical systems.

Thanks to the positive feedback from customers following the launch of OpticaGroup, in 2012 OMEC, supplier and long time partner of both Tecnottica and Optec, joined the Group. This new addition allows the Group to supervise and control all phases of the production process of Optica Group, from the product request to the final validation of the product, through the design, construction, inspection and assembly.
The synergies that have been introduced and developed within the Group provide an increasing competition on the market and provide its customers with all the support they need.

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