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Optica Group is a partnership created with the intent to follow at 360 degrees both customers and companies wishing to design and build any type of simple and advanced optical system. By combining the own know-how of Optec, Tecnottica e O.M.E.C., the customer who aim Optica Group has the warranty to resolve, as quickly as possible, the problems and his requirements in the optic, optoelectronic and optomechanic fields. Thanks to the proven team of experts who build the two companies that have created Optica Group, the customer has the unique opportunity to be followed at all times and in all the stages that make up the construction of an optical system, reducing the intermediaries and speeding up times and, above all, resources.

The customer who is getting in contact with Optica Group receives a complete assistance both during the planning and preparation of projects, and during the material building of the same, without the need to continually get in communication people who very often do not speak the same language. With Optica Group changes the point of view of optics in Italy, and change the world that is revolving around: with it you can change yourself, why wait?

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