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The production of optical elements born under the sign of Optica Group is managed by Tecnottica with the latest techniques and equipment that the market can currently offer.

To obtain the best possible results, the Tecnottica production department is equipped with CNC machines that automatically manage the lapping, polishing, finishing and alignment of the optical surfaces of interest.

The specialized personnel with decades of experience in the world of optical processing industry adds a further contribution to the quality of the services offered.

In addition, the continuous investments in new technical and human resources in the production department is constantly updating, and ensure a continuous improvement of the performances.

The production of mechanical elements born under the sign of Optica Group is managed by O.M.E.C. by using turning tools with motorized, CNC and traditional axis. The company uses modern equipments and ensures maximum flexibility in order to adapt itself to all the needs of the customers. O.M.E.C. performs 3D milling with CAD/CAM programming and has vertical machining centers with rotopallet for high volume productions.

With more than 30 years of experience and presence in the mechanical marker, O.M.E.C. is a value added that increase the quality of all OPTICA GROUP products. O.M.E.C. has an internal quality control system that provides checks on the incoming raw materials, during the processing stages and on all finished products. O.M.E.C. also uses special monitoring tools such as profile projectors and 2D gauges for guarantee the best mechanical and surface qualities available.

Spherical grinding:

Polishing: Aspherical grinding:
  • Loh Spheromatic 120SL
Centering: UV Oven
  • UV chamber 2 floors for extra curing cycles
Vertical Machines Center: CNC Lathes:
  • Okuma lb 300m
  • Wasino lj-63m
Tangenzial Grindings:
  • Rosa Ermando SpA modello Ercolina
  • Jones Shipman
Wire EDM:
  • Fanuc modello L
Manual Lathes

Shears from 3 to 8 tons

2d measuring devices:

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